My New Arrival

Tuesday 22nd August, 2006
So, I have a new arrival too...a Blackberry 8707v.

Following some discussion with Vowe, I changed my 8700v order for an 8707v...this model not only has 3G..but will work on Japanese business trips too.

I've not even turned it on yet, but have some first impressions:

1) The mains/usb charger no longer uses a standard USB cable, the mini-usb is hard-wired into the mains outlet. This is less flexible. You used to be able to carry a USB cable and the charger for backup. RIM no longer offers this provision out of the box, although the charger has adaptors for 3 different styles of mains outlet.

2) The SIM card holder is a joke...when will they design a decent cradle to hold the card and allow it to be removed easily.

3) They still don't ship batteries their batteries with any charge. Disappointing as you cannot power a blackberry exclusively from a mains outlet.

4) It's much lighter than my old 7730, a little showter and a little narrower. It's a bit thicker though, but fits in the back pocket of a pair of jeans.

5) The old plastic holster has gone and is now a fake leather/vinyl belt pouch with a magnetic strap to hold it in.

6) The colour screen is much improved, along with the UI. The Blackberry "workspace" has been replaced ;O)

Right, time to get it on the BES and try it out properly.

Update: Enterprise Activation isn't working so well, I'm downloading firmware v4.1.0.394 (Multilanguage) to hope it sorts it out. Blackberry download site is the slowest in the world.

Blackberry 8707v - The Story So Far
Blackberry 8707v - IP Modem
Blackberry 8707v - The First Week

  1. 1) Notes Bucket Said: (22/08/2006 14:15:02 GMT) Gravatar Image
    My New Arrival

    I bet your new arrival doesnt shoot out black tar like a jet like mine does !

  2. 2) Chris Linfoot Said: (22/08/2006 14:23:08 GMT) Gravatar Image
    My New Arrival

    You happy with the lack of TCP on the 8707?

    { Link }

  3. 3) Notes Bucket Said: (22/08/2006 14:42:01 GMT) Gravatar Image
    My New Arrival

    A very Guardian-esque review of a product you've never really used ??

  4. 4) Ben Rose Said: (22/08/2006 14:49:33 GMT) Gravatar Image
    My New Arrival

    This one is an evaluation, so we'll see either way.

    I wasn't aware of the lack of TCP, but don't know if that will be a major issue. We don't officially run any 3rd party apps, so I don't expect it to be an issue.

  5. 5) Chris Linfoot Said: (22/08/2006 15:38:29 GMT) Gravatar Image
    My New Arrival

    But can it work as an IP modem? You'd think that would need TCP...

    { Link }

  6. 6) Ben Rose Said: (22/08/2006 15:48:16 GMT) Gravatar Image
    My New Arrival

    Well, this is the testing that needs to be done. Apparently so, there's even a special leaflet in the box pointing me to details of how it can be used as a modem to access the internet, send & receive emails and stuff.

    { Link }

  7. 7) Chris Linfoot Said: (22/08/2006 17:18:01 GMT) Gravatar Image
    My New Arrival

    Let me know if it works and I'll order an upgrade. I currently use an 8700.

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