My Window Cleaner Quit

Friday 25th November, 2005
My windows cleaner has quit his round having bought a Public House with his wife which they are going to run together. Good luck to him I say, pulling beer has to be a better vocation than cleaning windows in the biting cold of winter.

I'm actually kinda jealous, I'd love to quit to become a landlord, open a restaurant or something public facing like that.

If you were to quit your day job, what's your dream vocation?

  1. 1) Jimmy Said: (25/11/2005 14:35:04 GMT) Gravatar Image
    My Window Cleaner Quit

    I'd probably become a fluffer.

  2. 2) Gerry Said: (28/11/2005 03:06:20 GMT) Gravatar Image
    My Window Cleaner Quit

    Buy a brothel on the floor above.

    Then there will be a way to pay for the F*****g overheads!!

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