NCT Compliance Search v1.0

Friday 29th July, 2005
On my travels around the Notes related websites, I notice that Andrew Pollack has released v.1.0 of his NCT Compliance Search product. As Andrew explains:

Compliance search is designed to find absolutely all matches, and store them in a safe spot where you can then print, archive, or otherwise manipulate them. A search tool gives you a list of what it found and a short description. Compliance search copies the actual document, or optionally `renders` that document to appear as it would if viewed natively in that source database (usually for non-mail databases where viewing a document out of context is not effective).

Compliance Search is being used by companies driven by a legal requirement to report all documents which mention a key phrase, and by companies looking to track activity related to a particular product or event. In addition to finding matches among documents, NCT Compliance Search can optionally reproduce an entire reply chain thread if just a single document member of that thread contains a match.

Sounds like a really useful tool, anybody tried it out yet? Actually, in some ways, sounds more useful than the Notes archiving tool I'm about to buy.

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