Need a New Toy

Monday 9th January, 2006
My brother was kind enough to buy me a pretty high value Christmas present this time round. This apparently is part of the 'thank you' for letting him have one of my 2 company cars.

Anyway, his mind was almost in the right place and he ended up buying me a really nice portable iPod docking unit with speakers and battery/mains power sources. Unfortunately, as my whole house is kitted out with Sonos,  I really had no use for it whatsoever and so took it back for a rather surprising £100 refund.

Now I need another toy or gadget to buy with the money but, unbelivably, I'm short of ideas. I considered some Bose noice cancelling headphones, but these have very mixed reports. Any other suggestions?

  1. 1) Chris Crawford Said: (11/01/2006 15:12:46 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Need a New Toy

    What about a pair of these ?

    { Link }

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