New Beginnings

Thursday 12th November, 2009

"Oh Bubby, I am!!!" my wife screamed, running into the bedroom from the En-Suite. Revelry by the Kings of Leon was playing on the Sonos and, as we looked into each other eyes, we realised that this truly was the first day of the rest of our lives. We hugged, kissed and then I went into the bathroom and took a shit.

Life doesn't end just because you find out your wife's pregnant and we were going to be late for work. We could have layed there all morning sharing our excitement but, in the real world, you can't really tell anybody and you shouldn't even open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. So I had a shower, got dressed and drove to work.

We'd worked out that the baby would be born mid November, exactly as planned, and I drove to work in the Lexus RX-400h realising that it would make a perfect family car for my wife. Sadly, the lease was up in September and, due to the recession, I wasn't going to be able to renew it. So, typical bloke, I drove to work wondering about cars. This may seem a bit odd, with my first child on the way, but I'd had a long time to get used to the idea of having a child.

I'd been ready to start a family for years but the time just wasn't right, it was a long term plan that just had to play out. First I found a wonderful lady that I was happy to be my wife and the mother of my children. Then we bought a house together and I proposed to her at entrance on the day we got the keys. Jo planned the wedding, her mum booked a venue and we got married in Summer 2008. She wanted to start a family right away but I insisted we waited until the New Year. That way we she could drink over Christmas, get pregnant and then give birth before the following Christmas.

Of course that can only be a plan as conception isn't always that easy, they tell me. In our case it was pretty much a one-hit wonder. We tried randomly throughout January whilst Jo used website (now known as to predict her cycle and get an idea for what day of the month on which her ovulation took place. When her period came in February is was clear that we hadn't had sex on the correct day but we knew which one it would be in February and that was it...our baby was conceived.

This new blog will take you through the last 9months of planning for baby, our decisions and some of my thoughts along the way. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I will writing.

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