New Router Update

Tuesday 14th June, 2005
Following my last post about the new D-Link routers, I've done a bit of research.

It seems the 4100 model isn't planned for UK release, only the 4300, so I'll be getting a 3rd Wireless AP. Ah well, nothing like having even more neighbours will think I am mad! In fact, thinking about it, I could use the D-Link 4300 as my external firewall, and the 2 Buffalo routers inside it, one for internal LAN and one for a more secure DMZ network...hmmmmm...geeky possibilities.

So now I need (not want) to buy the 4300 model...but I can't find stock anywhere in the UK. Misco claim to have stock but they lied. Their website said "in stock", their order confirmation came through successfully and then the order acknowledgment said, in very small print, "item on back order"....useless. Needless to say it didn't arrive this morning even though I'd requested next day delivery.

So now I'm hunting anybody that has stock at any price. Scan will be a week or so before they have stock, guess it'll have to do for now...not to plan my 3 router network of geekiness ;O)

UPDATE: I've spoken to D-Link UK and it's looking like the 1st week in July before we'll seee any stock of these devices.

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