Nice Little Tools

Thursday 8th September, 2005
Came across a couple of nice tools today:

Crap Cleaner - Does exactly that, cleans all the old temp files etc of your PC to free up space. No less than 2.8GB saved on my desktop machine! The bit I like about this tool is it allows you to permanently preserve your existing cookies. Analyse first, go to options, choose to keep your important cookies and then run the crap cleaner. Loads of space saved.

Tray It  - Wish your little used app would minimise to the system tray instead of the start bar? Use Tray It!

  1. 1) Chad Schelfhout Said: (09/09/2005 04:23:16 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Nice Little Tools

    Very nice. I really like the Tray It!

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