Nokia 9300 - now with WiFi

Tuesday 29th November, 2005
It's not often I get my timing wrong, but this time I did.

Just weeks after I get my Nokia 9300 and they go and add wi-fi too it. According to The Register:

The new device will ship as the 9300i. Like its predecessor, it's a tri-band (900/1800/1900MHz) GSM/GPRS handset with support for EDGE data-transfer acceleration technology. It also sports the 9300's 640 x 200, 65,536-colour display, and incorporates 80MB of RAM, expandable to 2GB using the MMC slot. It runs Nokia's Series 80 UI on top of Symbian 7.0S.

Damn, just weeks too late...ah well, mine WAS free and I didn't use the wi-fi anyway ;O)

(Now there's no reason to buy a all)

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