Nokia 9500 Web Browsing

Monday 7th March, 2005
Ended up in an online chat with a journalist today following his Nokia 9300 review on The Register.

He makes a lot of criticism of the phones online Opera web browser which I believe to be the same as that on the 9500, which I personally think is briliiant.

I decided to send along some screen shots for demonstration and thought they were worth posting here.

Click for full size pics.

Image:Nokia 9500 Web Browsing

By default, as you'll see above, the web page is pretty cramped on the screen.

Image:Nokia 9500 Web Browsing

A quick trip to the memu to enable the "Fit to screen" option.

Image:Nokia 9500 Web Browsing

You'll now see that Opera has rendered it much better and whilst reducing the fonts just slightly the picture has been resized dramatically.

Image:Nokia 9500 Web Browsing

Another trip to the "full screen mode" option enables the side bars to be hidden.

Image:Nokia 9500 Web Browsing perfect web page. What's wrong with that? I even have a proper mouse pointer with which I can click hyperlinks.

Is this different on the 9300???  Apart from the fact that mine's got wi-fi and loads a billion times faster ;O)

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