NORAD tracking Santa for 50 years

Monday 12th December, 2005
In this article, we see how a tradition accidentally started due to a typo which left NORAD with the task of tracking Santa for 50years!

"It all started on Christmas Eve, 1955, when a store in Colorado Springs, Colo., ran an advertisement for children to call Santa on a special hotline.

Unfortunately, the number was misprinted and children instead dialed the operations hotline for Norads predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command.

After getting the first call, director of operations Col. Harry Shoup immediately ordered his staff to check the radar for signs of Santa. Children who called were given updates on Santas position.

And so the tradition was born"

"Last year, Norad received more than 35,000 e-mails, 55,000 calls and 912 million hits on the Santa-tracking website from 181 countries, Vazquez said. This year, more than 500 volunteers will answer questions. "


The Norad santa tracking site is linked here.

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