Notes Address Book in Exchange

Wednesday 13th September, 2006
A colleague recently left to join a partner company and realised that, whilst he was still going to work very closely with us, he no longer had access to our address books. He logged a call for me to sort it out.

Easier said than done, they use MS Exchange and Outlook, not Notes.

Obviously both systems will happily use an LDAP directory but only when served up by themselves. This can't happen as we have no electronic links between the firms at all, just public SMTP email.

Any good suggestions for how to get him some addresses? I've already abandoned the hope that any solution will update itself, but a current snapshot is proving hard enough. Exporting to a .csv file seems a crappy solution. I considered importing to a personal NAB and then exporting to VCF.

I'm just looking for a quick, easy solution that I can present to the Exchange man when I phone him. Want to spend the least amount of time on the phone to him possible.

  1. 1) Ben Rose Said: (13/09/2006 15:23:17 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Notes Address Book in Exchange

    OK, I've discovered I can export in VCard3.0 format directly from the "Mail Users" view of the Domino directory.

    This allows me to export details of users from all the specified servers as required.

    I'll then email the Exchange guy the file and ask him for the same in reverse. I know Domino is happy importing/exporting vCards and Outlook will happily import them too.

    Good luck to him getting anything out of Exchange though!

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