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Wednesday 15th September, 2004
Notes it just me or is it much easier than people perceive.

Over the 8yrs or so since i got into Notes I've worked in a number of companies with a number of different people.

Along the way it's struck me that Notes isn't just an ordinary application, it seems to be a state of mind. I've so often tried to explain the administration basics to people and they just don't get it. What I've never quite clarified is whether they can't understand it or just don't want to.

Building a server, configuring mail routing and replication along with troubleshooting using log.nsf etc. just feels second nature now but I did pick it up very quickly from the start. Why do so many people, even people with "Notes Administrator" job titles just not have a clue?

Anyone else think the same way? Or am I alone in all this?

  1. 1) Ben Rose Said: (15/09/2004 14:29:44 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Notes Admin!

    To answer my own post, this wasn't really supposed to read as critical as it sounds.

    It just seems that people who are experts in their field, e.g. comms, SQL, Unix, Exchange etc., don't seem to have a clue when it comes to Notes.

    The whole concept of it seems to evade them even though they are highly skilled IT professionals.

    Is Notes a skill...or an art?

  2. 2) Nico Said: (04/02/2005 14:18:59 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Notes Admin!

    an art. I am quite sure about it. And we must be artists, underpaid and a lot of people wonder why we are here. They will find out once we are dead :)

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