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Tuesday 17th January, 2006
Microsoft announced today that they have developed some great new tools, codename Red Bull, for analysing my Lotus Notes/Domino Applications and seeing how easily they can be migrated to the MS my story.

With excitement I clicked to the announcement and through to download the tools. Instead of telling you what happened, I thought I'd show you. So here's the story in pictures. Remember, this is the final released version of the tools being run at a live production site of a major blue-chip corporation. I am a Lotus customer, not a supplier.

RSS readers will need to follow the link now...

(Yes I know the formatting is a bit screwy but I don't want to resize these images. Click here when you're done.)

Interesting default path, I think we'll change that.

I think that just about sums it up. If somebody can please let me know when Service Pack 1 of this tool is released, I'll try it again.

Update: MS emailed me!

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