Notes Resource Bookings

Thursday 13th January, 2005
I found an interesting feature request in the Notes 7 beta forum that I thought was worth highlighting to the community.

Mathew Newman has suggested that when booking meetings including a room that there should be a lead time applied at the start and/or the end. For example I book a meeting from 1400-1500 and this invitation gets sent to the attendees, but the room/projector etc get sent a slightly adjusted request; maybe 1345-1515. This allows a 15 minute turnaround time between meetings allowing for over-runs etc and making sure the room is empty when the attendees arrive.

Matthew even included a nice graphic...

Image:Notes Resource Bookings

I think this is a great idea and would like to see anybody else who agree to show their support for the feature here and/or on the ND7 forum. If it doesn't make it into the ND7 gold release I'm sure we could develop an OpenNTF Resource Reservation DB that handled it if enough people liked the idea.

Over to you guys...

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