Notes Resource Reservation

Wednesday 16th February, 2005
Following the previous discussion on Notes Resource bookings, I was lucky enough to receive a comment from Bruce Kahn, a former (current?) Iris developer, who I think is one of the coders sorting out the new C&S task for Notes/Domino 7. This got me thinking about a few things and what extra functions I could think of for this new task. I have a feature idea which I think would be very useful.

24hrs or so (configurable) before a booking is scheduled to begin, Notes could kick in a new bit of workflow.

You have a meeting "meeting title" scheduled for tomorrow, would you like to confirm this meeting?

You booked a room/projector for "date/time", is this still required?

You haven't received responses to all your invitation to tomorrow's meeting "meeting title" would you like to remind participants who haven't responded?

I think you can see where I'm going here...the amount of booked rooms that lie empty and stuff can be very frustrating in all companies large and small. By requesting confirmation 24hrs before, these rooms could be freed up.

What do you think Bruce?

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