Notes Users Survive 30hours of Server Downtime!

Friday 6th January, 2006
You can lose your primary mail server for 30hrs due to a disk controller failure and your Notes users won't notice, this is what happened to Simon Barratt.

Simon writes:

"Even though the controller was replaced, the transaction logging discs did not restart.  The server group tried a few options to kick start the discs without losing the logs, but were unable to...

Upon restart, the server began the arduous process of fixing many hundreds of mail files and also brought them back into synchronisation with any changes that had occurred on the other cluster member.  As about 30 hours had passed now, there was a significant amount of changes to make.

When all said and done, only one mail file was corrupted by the controller failure, which was quickly recovered by replicating from the other cluster member server.  No email was lost and none of our users were even aware that their primary mail server was unavailable for 30 hours."

Shared nothing clustering saves the day!

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