Notes Wins Again

Friday 22nd July, 2005
Had a great support call from France today. A user is trying to create a local replica of their mailfile but the Notes client kept reporting it was out of disk space.

Check available disk space, about 50GB probs there. errors...hmmm what could it be?

After a little bit of troubleshooting, it seems that the fault lay with Windows. Replication worked perfectly until the mailfile replica was half created and then just died with the disk space error. Turns out that the source DB was over 7GB in size, but every time the local replica reached 4096MB...the replicator stopped. Is there a limit in the Notes client? was the client OS!

The C: drive on the users machine had been formatted FAT32 from new and, as such, had a 4GB individual file limit. As soon as Notes his this, the OS reported a disk space error.

Another case of Notes breaking the boundaries again :O)

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