Notes/Domino 7 Beta3

Monday 21st February, 2005
Well, I guess the time is almost upon me to upgrade to ND7 Beta3, a domain that's been around since late R3/early R4 was upgraded to R5 during very early daily release beta code when I was at Lotus and then on R6 beta later on before now being on 6.5.3. now runs on a P4 1.9GHz machine with 1GB RAM and various IDE hard-drives which allow OS/translogs on one physical disk and Domino data on another. Using the same IDE controller, performance isn't ideal but it's nice for testing as it's not a mission critical environment.

So, what's in store for me? Anyone been here yet and would like to share experiences? I actually have a partitioned install on here, Domino1/Jaffacake which is the primary box you're reading this on and a second partition Domino2/Jaffacake which is a clustered Domino Server which I start up randomly in order to easily backup my NSF files without taking the server offline. So, it looks like I'll have to do an offline backup and then upgrade them both concurrently. I'll do a clean install of Domino 7 on a separate machine first to have a play and see how it looks.

So, I'll feed back my results, but any feedback in the meantime is appreciated.

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