Now Blogging Internally

Wednesday 2nd March, 2005
I've opened up a second blog, this time internally at work. Based around a similar template to this one, it will contain all my project reporting to management, software/hardware reviews etc.

For example, I'm reviewing a Notes based application with a view to purchasing at the moment. I will be blogging internally to my colleagues about it with positives/negatives without having to continually email them. Product datasheets etc. can be attached without sending large attachments to multiple recipients. OK, at the end of the day it's an intranet thing, but it couldn't have been easier to set up.

As it's Notes based, unlike our existing IIS based intranet, it offers improved searching management and other benefits.

I will be posting a review of the application on my public blog at some point, but the supplier hasn't donated to my charity stunt yet ;O)

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