One Year Old

Thursday 25th August, 2005
Well, my blog is one year old...which, according to some, makes me a newbie; but it's a milestone nonetheless.

That first post took some writing, but it must have been ok as my readership has slowly increased from the 64 hits on that first posting to over 1000/day at peak. Initially it was HTTP hits that increased but now much of that traffic seems to be migrating to this site's RSS feed.

So what were my highlights of the first year of blogging:

Way back in November I chose to replace my old copper phone line at home with a VoIP internet based phone. I use the same handset and have a normal UK phone number, it's just my calls are routed over my internet connection removing the need for a £9.99/mth line rental. We, about £100 in phone charges saved later and no regrets. If you're considering VoIP and have any questions please feel free to ask.

In February, I almost died in a car accident. It was a life changing experience for me. Incidentally, 7months on, I just got the insurance pay-out - I'm a bit slack at filling out forms. Thankfully, working for a car firm, I was able to replace the car almost immediately with a short-term replacement and will now be taking delivery of a new Lexus GS-430 on 1st September.

In March, I turned 30 marking a milestone to getting old, I also got divorced shortly afterwards from a marriage that had ended some 3.5yrs earlier - Told you I was slack when it comes to filling out forms. I wrote blog entries about my marriage/divorce which were never published, some things are best left as they are.

At the end of March, I did my first major charity stunt which raised a truly staggering £1600 for cancer research. Tthanks again to all those who sponsored me and, if you didn't, there's still 3 days to do so before the donation page closes.

In May I bought a Sonos Music System which truly changed the way I listen to music forever. If you're not familiar with Sonos, I recommend you take a look; this is no ordinary MP3 player.

And now, in August, on my Blog's Birthday; I've decided on a little re-branding exercise. Originally I had 2 blogs, the public Ben's Blog and a private Jaffa Blog. These have now merged to become what you're reading now, Jaffa's Juicy Bits. Basically, there are too many Bens in the Notes community so I thought it would be easier if you guys called me Jaffa from now on.

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