Ecotronic Penguin Torch - No Batteries!

Monday 15th December, 2008
I had a rather random email this morning from Peter at BABIPUR - they have a rather interesting claim of "ethical shopping for babies". I tend to feel that ethical often means overpriced, but clearly I was wrong.

Riding high on their best sellers is the £4.84 Penguin Ecotronic Torch and I'm not entirely surprised. First it has an everlasting LED bulb and no batteries - as they say, "most batteries end up in landfill sites poisoning the planet so these eco toys are the perfect solution."

But, best of all, they are "Packaged in 100% recycled biodegradable eco packs with no ties or wires" - did you hear me? NO TIES OR WIRES! So if you want to buy an eco friendly toy that doesn't have any of those god awful wires that you have to hack saw out of the box, here it is!

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