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Friday 24th June, 2005
Along with various photos and stuff my media library is massively on the increase due to an ever expanding MP3 collection. Since purchasing my Sonos Digital Music System I'm seeing my data storage requirements grow. Traditionally I've just had a data partition on my hard drive and backed it up selectively to CD/DVD, a very manual process.

I've now decided I need a proper backup system to back up a predicated 300GB of data either to removable media or to a dedicated hard drive. Can anybody recommend anything? What systems do the people out there use? I know a NAS device like those from Maxtor and Buffalo aren't that expensive these days (compared to the loss of data) but how do I get the data to backup there automatically.

I'd be interested to hear any solutions you may have...hit the comment button.

Update: I've decided on a Buffalo Terastation for this

  1. 1) Ben Rose Said: (24/06/2005 11:05:36 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Personal Backups

    theboyg has pointed me in this direction { Link }

    A linksys NAS type solution with built-in back utility.

  2. 2) Oliver Regelmann Said: (24/06/2005 18:29:06 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Personal Backups

    For Windows? I'd recommend "abakt" ({ Link } It simply copies/zips data to another location, e.g. a network share. You can define various profiles with files/directories to be copied and call them with the windows scheduler. It looks for the Windows archiving bit, so no unchanged files get copied again.

    It's open source and free. Works very well for me.

  3. 3) Ben Rose Said: (25/06/2005 13:07:52 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Personal Backups

    Thanks Oliver, looks like a useful tool.

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