Logitech Wireless DJ Music System - Poor Man’s Sonos

Tuesday 12th September, 2006
If you'd like a Sonos, but don't think you can afford one, then you could always look at the Logitech Wireless DJ Music System.

As they say on the website:

What makes the Wireless DJ Music System unique are the Wireless DJ remote and the sophisticated Logitech® StreamPoint™ software. The remote´s blue backlighted liquid-crystal display (LCD) and mechanical scroll wheel make it easy to browse through an entire digital music collection, select a song, playlist or Internet radio station of choice, and see what´s playing on the screen.

What exactly is unique about this? The Sonos system has been doing this for about TWO YEARS...but not on a crappy blue LCD display, we're talking full colour.

Does the Logitech support album art? No. Lossless audio? Doesn't say so. Zone linking? Doesn't say so. More than 4 zones? No.

So it does less than Sonos, requires you to have your PC on all the time and requires software/USB-drive installation.

Yeah, it's cheaper...but a CD Walkman is cheaper than an iPod too ;O)

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