postopen() anybody?

Wednesday 30th August, 2006
A reader writes...

I'm trying to find out if it's possible in Lotus 7 to log who accesses an attachement within a document of a notes database.  We need to start logging the access of various attachments on a selection of databases, our current version (6.5) doesn't provide the right event procedures for this to be done.  It'll only log who opens each document using the postopen() event.

I'm not sure whether you can actually answer this question.  I hoping though you'll know someone who can.  If at all possible, please could you direct me to them?

Obviously most of this dev stuff is over my head...anybody?

  1. 1) Chris Linfoot Said: (30/08/2006 14:23:45 GMT) Gravatar Image
    postopen() anybody?

    Trigger Happy might help...

    { Link }

  2. 2) Bruce Elgort Said: (30/08/2006 16:14:55 GMT) Gravatar Image
    postopen() anybody?

    Maybe launch the attachments by code and then log it?

  3. 3) Joe Litton Said: (30/08/2006 18:25:46 GMT) Gravatar Image
    postopen() anybody?

    Perhaps when a file is attached to a document, that file can then be programatically removed and stored in its OWN document, leaving just a link on the original document. When the user clicks to access the file attachment, they would be sent to this 2nd document. The form that holds the attachment could then be set with the Autolaunch first attachment property enabled (from the Lauch tab of the form properties). With that all set up, code could easily be added in the onLoad event (modern replacement for Postopen) to track the user access.

  4. 4) Bob Balaban Said: (02/09/2006 18:28:09 GMT) Gravatar Image
    postopen() anybody?

    If you're willing to install a DLL (or platform equivalent) on the server, then you can write a CAPI Extension Manager module to hook note-open and attachment events, check a policy NSF, and then allow or veto the event.

    The ExtMgr interfaces are reasonably well documented, and there are samples available. It is part of the public Notes C API kit

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