SNTT - Preserve those Server Tasks

Thursday 25th May, 2006
You can teach an old dog new tricks after all.

Had a new admin guy join my team this week and, for one of his first tasks, I've told him to review the infrastructure I built and give it some good old constructive criticism.

One of the things he noticed was that the ServerTasks= line on each server didn't appear to be the same whilst the build instruction clearly specified that we customised these during installation.

After a little bit of investigation, we discovered that the problem came when the server code had been upgraded or re-installed. Unbeknown to me, well I kinda knew but hadn't had chance to look into it, the server setup resets some of the standard server tasks and brings them back. Not good if you don't want them.

Enter SetupLeaveServerTasks=1 a little known notes.ini setting for Domino servers that does exactly what it says on the tin. You add that line to your server notes.ini file and during future setups the servertasks lines won't change.

Nice little setting, thanks Paul.

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