RAM Drive - Update

Thursday 21st April, 2005
Well, the theory was good and it extended to practice very well.

www.jaffacake.net runs on a P4 with plenty of RAM but a slow DMA66 hard drive interface which can make disk i/o pretty slow.

I allocated 100MB of available RAM to a ramdisk using this RAMdisk software. It did exactly what it said on the website and didn't even need a reboot under Windows 2003 (The Windows 2000 workstation I initially tested on required a restart).

I tested the drive worked well by copying a few files and then change the parameter in the domino server view_rebuild_dir=R:\

A quick "load updall names.nsf -R" and I was instantly impressed. The rebuilt time improvement is staggering, and the RAM in this server isn't that fast by todays standards. This is going to fly on a proper production server.

I love it when theories can be proven correct. Now to license the RAMdisk software.

Update: For an indication of just how fast these view rebuilds are, take a look around the website. Clicking on one of the categories or doing a keyword search actually builds a view dynamically on the fly. Before the change, a site search would take 2-4secs to display results. Now it seems to be only bandwidth that limits the page display time. Impressive!

  1. 1) Markus Seitz Said: (29/04/2005 12:50:58 GMT) Gravatar Image
    RAM Drive - Update

    that's really a great idea...

    there are a lot of people complaining about domino not making enough use of available memory.

    i wonder if additional benefits could result from relocating certain dbs to ramdrive as well. like names (notes.ini NAMES=). but i guess there's a lot ram buffering from domino already...

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