RAM Drives

Wednesday 20th April, 2005
Remember setting up DOS RAM drives back in the old days? Well, believe it or not, they're still around.

I have a new deployment of Domino servers here, each having 3GB RAM and 4 hyper-threaded Xeon processors which supply 8 logical CPU's. Using the notes.ini setting UPDATERS=8 I can now rebuild 8 indexes concurrently but, obviously, the disk i/o is immense. Rebuilding the indexes on a quieter drive will obviously help things somewhat, but where is best?

Domino is a 32-bit application and as such can only address 2GB of RAM. This means the remaining 1GB of ram is shared between the OS, anti-virus and erm...nothing. I really only need 2.5GB of RAM, but 3GB is a round number. So here I am thinking of RAM drives. I could create a nice 512MB partition in physical RAM just for temp files. It's going to fly.

I'm sure somebody has done this before, so what results did you get? Can anybody recommend any good, stable RAMdrive software for Win2K3?

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