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Wednesday 23rd November, 2005
I commented before about Ray's blog and the complete lack of ability to post a comment on it.

Instead, he expects people to utilise trackback. So readers write an article on their blog about Ray's blog and then his blog will link to their blog. As I write, there are 49 trackbacks to/from Ray's latest entry.

So let me get this right? If I want to read people's opinions on his post, I have to open no less than 49 extra web pages...anyone else think this is rediculous?

To top it off, he opens his latest entry:

"One of the great things about once again having an active blog is that it enables me to engage in discussion about concepts I’m excited about,"

How on earth can it be "discussion" if it's one way? Only Ray can write on the blog...something just doesn't add up here.

The only thing I can guess is that Ray is desperately trying to boost his Google page ranking (PR). The more people who write about him on their own blog, the more people link to him, the higher his Google PR will be. (I'm sure this isn't the real reason but why oh why disallow comments?)

Ray, in case you missed it last time:

Image:Ray Ozzie’s Blog

  1. 1) Chris Whisonant Said: (23/11/2005 18:39:25 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Ray Ozzie’s Blog

    Yeah, good discussion he has going there! I agree with you, but it's his blog...

    My post on his post isn't even in that list of 49:

    { Link }


  2. 2) AJP Said: (24/11/2005 10:50:39 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Ray Ozzie’s Blog

    That might be a clever way of getting round liable etc. I think it goes something like this; If your users must register with legitimate(!) contact details then then you are both are responsible for the comments. If your users do not need to register then you are responsible for their posts. But at the end of theday it is up to you the blog owner to remove illegal or libale content.

    By using track back he is abticating all responsibility for any comments posted to the owners of the individual blogs.

    Some would say that is very slick other might think something far less complimentatry!

  3. 3) AJP Said: (24/11/2005 10:53:01 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Ray Ozzie’s Blog

    .. Furthermore it means he gets no anonymous posts on his blog. You have to wonder why not?

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