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Wednesday 19th January, 2005

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I had a phone call from Registered Call earlier this evening as a marketing follow-up from when I used their service towards the end of last year.

It seems they value feedback and opinions from customers and their service has even been updated since I last used it to reflect that. They asked if I would recommend them as a company and I certainly would, hence I think they deserve a proper blog posting.

The UK based service allows you to record phone calls you make to any destination. It's particularly ideal in situations where you are receiving poor service, customer services lie to you etc. A bit like if you're dealing with NTL. Simply by recording a single phone call to customer services I ended up getting a fault fixed that had been around for over a year...superb.

You can playback your phonecalls over the phone, via their website or have the calls emailed to you for future use.

For further info, visit the website.

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