Royal Mail

Tuesday 22nd February, 2005
A few weeks ago I started receiving email for one "Jo Atwell" that was being forwarded by the Royal Mail forwarding service. Plenty of it, clearly I was receiving all of her post. After a few days of it, I began to wonder whether I'd received a bump on the head and didn't remember that I'd sold my house to somebody else and didn't live here any more.

I rang the post office and it seems that the post for Ms. Atwell had been redirected to the wrong address, she didn't even live in the same county as me! So they advised me that it wouldn't happen any more and to put all the post in the postbox marked "not known at this address" which I did yesterday.

So, imagine the amusement today when I got home to find an item of post on my doormat address to Jo Atwell and my address and clearly marked, in my own handwriting, "not known at this address" stupid do you have to be???

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