Thursday 24th November, 2005
I've been trying to read all the sites on my Blogroll (I hate that term) using RSS, with some interesting results.

To make life easier, I'm using a Notes based, Steve's Project DX Feedreader. For a free tool it works well and it allows me to store and update the application on my Domino server, accessible from anywhere, automatically polling for updates. A few things I've noticed though:
  • Not all the sites I read have a standard RSS feed - Darren Adams and Ports are a couple of examples. This means I'll still have to use the old method anyway. Bruce - Where's your RSS link?
  • Blogsphere blog comment feeds don't actually carry the comments - Just a "Comment posted by Fred Bloggs" style message. Disappointing.
  • Dominoblog comments feeds carry the full comment subject and body, but no author. Not the end of the world, but room for improvement.
  • The unread marks in my feedreader are, of course, user ID dependent. This means my work ID isn't marking anything read for when I get home and use my personal ID - annoying but unavoidable.

  1. 1) Bruce Elgort Said: (24/11/2005 17:53:59 GMT) Gravatar Image


    My RSS link was MIA. Fixed.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. 2) Steve Castledine Said: (24/11/2005 19:24:59 GMT) Gravatar Image

    The comments feed does have the author - maybe my reader just doesnt read it

  3. 3) Ben Rose Said: (24/11/2005 19:30:25 GMT) Gravatar Image

    Who said that? ;O)

  4. 4) Chris Linfoot Said: (25/11/2005 09:03:50 GMT) Gravatar Image

    And Blogsphere comments feed include (among other things):

    Title: Comment from [name of poster]

    Link: Permalink URI to story commented on

    Content Encoded: Yes, the full contents of the comment!


    Methinks your reader is broken.

  5. 5) Steve Castledine Said: (25/11/2005 11:44:47 GMT) Gravatar Image

    The reader was a content only one - it was not designed to read comments.

    When I finish the software I will include that

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