School Dinners

Friday 18th March, 2005
One of my readers, John Baxter, has written to me to ask me to highlight the Feed Me Better campaign that's come about as a result of Jamie Oliver's TV show School Dinners.

I know nothing of the campaign and have never seen the TV show, but having browsed the website it seems a reasonably good argument. Thankfully, having been brought up in household where my Mom cooked a family meal each day, I haven't been subjected to school meals much. If I remember rightly I had them about once a year when my Dad's work annual dinner dance was on or something and my Mom wouldn't have time to cook.

The argument is that we're bringing up a new generation of fat, chocolate, burger and crisp eating kids that are going to end up overweight, stupid, underpaid and with heart problems. Hold on are you calling me underpaid?

Anyway, check out the website and see what you think...

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