Server Config Docs - Beware

Tuesday 8th November, 2005
Came across a perculiarity with Domino Server config docs a little while ago and finally remembered to blog it.

It wasn't until R5 was released that server configuration documents became an essential part of an administrators life, containing vital configuration details and making many notes.ini settings redundant.

One could choose between a single config doc for all servers in the domain or one for each server. I've yet to see an environment that can get by on the one for all approach.

So, assuming pretty standardised settings between do you create yours? I know in my case, since R5, it's been a copy/paste approach. Register new server -> Build server -> Copy paste existing config doc for other server -> change server name in document. Not the best of practices of course, but it was fast and it worked.

I've used the same approach for R6 domains until now. In R6 they embedded the option to setup mail rules for the router allowing emails to be filtered etc. Interestingly these seem to be stored in a child document so, if you copy/paste the config documens...all the rules come with it as they're both linked to the same child document.

This has some positives and some negatives. On a negative side it's confusing as hell of course. But on a positive side it works and it works well. if you're setting up a mail cluster and want rules to be identical on each side then you can copy paste one cluster node's config doc to the other and inherit the mail rules. From that point onward, changing a rule on one node will update the other.

So, this could be a gotcha and cause no end of careful.

  1. 1) Chris Linfoot Said: (08/11/2005 14:26:42 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Server Config Docs - Beware

    What about new rules?

  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (08/11/2005 14:31:51 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Server Config Docs - Beware

    Any new rules that are added appear in the config document for both servers, if they shared the same original.

    So effectively one change can enable the rule on all servers.

  3. 3) Dave Harris Said: (09/11/2005 05:40:04 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Server Config Docs - Beware

    Ben, why not just have one config for the cluster? Put the servers into a group, and use that, rather than the server name, and you only ever have to make your changes once.

  4. 4) Ben Rose Said: (09/11/2005 15:19:48 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Server Config Docs - Beware

    We have slightly different settings on some of our cluster nodes e.g. mail relay settings, making separate config documents a requirement.

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