Show ´n´ Tell Thursdays - SNTT

Thursday 30th March, 2006
For those who are unaware, Show 'n' Tell Thursday, or SNTT as it's become affectionately known, was a great concept dreamed up by some of the Notes blogging guys where people can share great ideas big & small with the rest of the community. Unlike a standard blog entry, this will be a "branded" approach and make these specific entries stick out from the rest of the content.

Since the launch of SNTT, it seems I've been blisfully unaware of the excellent work done by Richard (did you know he's going to work for HP?) Schwartz. He talked initially of creating a blog aggregator for all the SNTT posts and it seems he's a man of his word.

The aggregator, and it's excellent content, can be found here. I believe it's only in testing, this discussion here seems to confirm that, but even now it's already adding some excellent value to the community.

My tip for today is to head over there and read somebody else's ideas...I'll hopefully come up with something for next week.

Well done Richard and good luck with the new job, even if HP could possibly come up with a better name than RIM for a messaging Blackberry confusion!

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