Signing a Notes Template

Tuesday 1st March, 2005
I've been doing a fair amount of AppDev work recently, which is always fun being from an Admin background. Nothing major just a case of creating a template copy with new version number, making changes and then applying them to a test DB. When all verified I'm then applying my new template to the production databases.

Now this is all simple until it comes to signing the templates with the right ID. As I work on multiple client machines, I keep my templates server side. When the modifications are made, I then have to sign them..on the server. Where do I have to go to sign them...the admin client. Although I've not done any admin all day, just development, I have to fire up the Domino Admin client, open the appropriate server, switch to the files tab, wait 5-10mins for the whole filesystem to download (why this is so slow is quite beyond me) and then select my DB and click the sign button.

Why can I not just choose a "sign this DB" option within the designer client? Why do my developers need an admin client? All seems a bit pointless to me...or am I missing the option somewhere?

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