Simple AV Advice

Wednesday 4th May, 2011
Some simple advice I just gave to a good friend.

Her: Ok so convince me to vote no tomorrow??

Me: convince you to vote no? Easy

Her: yes, cause everyone else is saying vote Yes

Me: did you read my blog?

Her: part of it, give me a summary?

Me: it's not a fork in the path. it's a turning off. you carry on going, or you turn off. to turn off you have to pay a toll. carry on, it's free

Me: you need a reason to turn off, what is it?

Her: I see, but is there nothing good about AV?

Me: you're voting, you tell me

Me: if you don't know any reasons, why vote for it?

Me: it's your choice not somebody else's

Me: if you don't have enough information to vote yes, then vote no

Me: Do you often do things just because other people ask you to?

Her; Well before reading anything I was going to vote NO, but I like to hear what people have to say, but then again no one can really tell me why I should vote Yes.

Me: precisely

Her: So NO it will be

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