Skype - no more

Sunday 7th May, 2006
A few of you will know I've been trying out Skype recently.

Not for phone calls, I use real VoIP for that, but just for IM. Well, I've just uninstalled more.

If you want to know why, read this document from Wikipedia.

Essentially, Skype's voice network is peer-2-peer and it reportedly consumes your bandwidth for other people's calls.

"The Skype system automatically selects certain users with fast CPUs, good broadband connections and no firewall issues to be "supernodes", through which other users may connect. Skype can therefore utilise other users' bandwidth. (Although this is allowed for in the licence agreement there is no way to tell how much bandwidth is being used in this manner). There are some 20,000 supernodes out of many millions of users logged on."

"There are notable "holes" in security in the area of the global Skype network -- that is, searches for contacts, and connection via supernodes, are trusted rather than authenticated. In some areas, "Skype trusts any computer that speaks Skype".

 Also, as mentioned above, certain users are selected by software to act as "supernodes". Under certain conditions, Skype is reportedly willing to accept thousands of connections, and sufficient traffic to saturate a 100 mbit bandwidth on such nodes. [4] [5] and [6]"

In summary, bye bye Skype. Catch me on AIM or MSN if you want me.

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