Smart Whiteboards

Monday 9th October, 2006
I was surprised by a post on Vowe's blog about interactive whiteboards, exclaiming how cool it was. i guess because it mentions MIT, people instantly make an assumption that this technology is new or leading edge. People going "wow, think of it's use in education".

Well, this isnt new technology and has been around for quite some time globally, indeed they have 5 of these at my local junior school for interactive learning. I believe the brand leader is SMART technologies with their SMART Board product. They're very good and they're used in our classrooms pretty much every day.

The Interactive Whiteboard, or IWB as it's known, is becoming a pretty standard fitment in UK school and studies have shown they improve classroom participation from pupils and really help the learning process.

  1. 1) Colin Williams Said: (09/10/2006 09:25:19 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Smart Whiteboards

    I think the amazing factor came more from the fact that you could draw physical objects on screen and then have them interact as if they were real objects.

    When I think back to my high school physics class, this kind of interactive whiteboard would have made visualising boring old physics diagrams much easier.

  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (09/10/2006 09:36:53 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Smart Whiteboards


    Maybe I missed some of the content, I turned off after the first minute or so...haven't got all day to look at videos :)

    The new IWBs are working very well in classrooms, even at junior levels. We used to cut pictures out of magazine and glue them to a big display on the wall. These days, the kids google for a suitable picture and then copy and paste it to the IWB before dumping to a colour printer.

    It's a different world.

  3. 3) Ben Poole Said: (09/10/2006 21:44:48 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Smart Whiteboards

    The MIT whiteboard bears no resemblance to those used in schools, believe me. And I'm not dissing the whiteboards at school -- my kids' place has them, and they're fantastic things.

    But they don't do what this one does.

    So watch the video in full next time ;o)

  4. 4) Paul Mooney Said: (09/10/2006 23:44:27 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Smart Whiteboards

    Yep - think you missed the point of that one Ben! The application that is demonstrated is amazing.

  5. 5) Ben Rose Said: (10/10/2006 14:35:29 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Smart Whiteboards

    Nothing that special here, just a standard Smart Board running Microsoft Physics Illustrator for Tablet PC.

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