Sonos - Update

Tuesday 24th May, 2005
A quick update on my home audio situation.

I'm now committed to purchasing a Sonos wireless music system. It looks superb and I've located a UK reseller.

Simply Sonos,,  are proud to be one of the first UK resellers and, unlike some other suppliers, are pitching themself as a full value added reseller. Whilst their site gives the impression that you can do a full on-line purchase this isn't the case. Simply Sonos are able to offer full consultancy and installation services instead of just being a load of box shifters. What this means to me is advice on what speakers I really need, e.g. do I need waterproof speakers in my bathroom, what cabling I should use etc. without having to rely on internet forums and other sources of information.

On top of all this they still maintain a superb retail price which is very competitive and reasonable considering the US prices. Stock is coming in on the first week in June and an intro pack, consisting of 2 Zone Players and one wireless controller, comes in at £899 inc. VAT.

If you're considering purchasing a Sonos music system, drop me an email and I'll ensure the team down at Simply Sonos will give you an extra special deal. Incidentally, I'm not associated with them in any way; I just found them by researching online and am thoroughly impressed with the service I've received so far which, if you're a regular reader of my blog, is a very rare occurence.

Tomorrow night I'm off to Simply Sonos to look at their demonstration apartment. I'll also be able to take along my existing speakers to test them with a Zone Player and see how good they sound.

My Sonos review is linked here

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