Sonos News

Wednesday 20th July, 2005
Sonos have made a couple of announcements recently that I thought might be worth a mention:

V1.2 - Sonos have released an upgrade that takes the Sonos firmware from V1.1 to 1.2. This adds support for many features including, but not limited to, WMA radio, Podcasting and volume normalisation. At a lower level, attention to detail is sufficient to add a "power scroll" feature which allows users to easily scroll by first letter of track/artist and even the ability to disable the front power light on the box for use in darkened rooms like bedrooms and home cinema. I've been using this release in closed beta for some time and it's awesome.

Price Increase- The price of Sonos will be increasing in Europe. This will add £10 to the price of a controller and £20 to a zone player; £50 on the total of an introductory bundle. It's not often the early adopters get a better price!

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