Sonos V2.0

Thursday 14th September, 2006
Sonos will today launch V2.0 software for their popular digital music player.

Those in the US will benefit from a directly integrated Real Rhapsody client which removes the need for a separate PC installation. A free trial giving access to millions of songs is included.

All Sonos users will gain other great new features including Alarm, Clock and Snooze features, you can now go to sleep and wake up to your favourite music but the scheduler will also allow Sonos to play music for a specific time and duration such as the 5:00 news or a 30-min treadmill workout.

The maximum library size has been expanded to 50,000 tracks (previously 40k) and automatic scheduled index updates can make it easier to add audio content like podcasts to Sonos. Indexes also benefit from support for AlbumArtist and iTunes Compilation tags in your music files.

French, Italian and Spanish languages have now also been added along with controller scroll wheel improvements to make selecting single items more precise.

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