Spinvox Update

Tuesday 15th February, 2005
Thought it was time to feedback a mid-term report of Spinvox.

Well, so far so good really. I'm still using the service even after the free trial. It's simply superb and they seem to handle even some of the IT techie jargon pretty well.

Some of the voicemails I receive are fairly long and each txt Spinvox sends has a finite length but they do seem to have a fine way of editing them to ensure they get the key details in like who's calling, any phone numbers and any actions I need to take. I simply don't listen to my voicemails at all any more, the txt is all I need and at 25pence a message I still think it represents good value.

I recently took a business trip to Madrid and, instead of paying approx £1/min in roaming charges, I simply let Spinvox take my calls and txt me the results. I could then call the people back using the office phone at no cost to myself, really handy.

My only criticism is the length of time it takes to convert messages at some times of day. If I'm sat in a meeting and see a call coming in that I don't answer it ends up being diverted to Spinvox and converted to txt. This can be 15-20mins at times and I find myself frustrated whilst waiting for it. I've yet to test whether I can listen to the voicemail during the conversion period though which could be a workaround.

They will also send my voicemails to email if required, but I've yet to see a real need for that myself.

Accoring to The Register, Carphone Warehouse have now signed up to resell this service

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