Thursday 28th April, 2005
My girlfriend showed me a magazine advert yesterday, I believe it was in the free Tesco magazine.

It advertised a new coffee machine with the name of Tassimo. She's hinted at getting a coffee machine before but, with me not drinking coffee, it seemed a bit of a waste. We'd seen my mate Kingy's Senseo machine before but it would be redundant in my eyes.

So in comes Tassimo which makes frothy cappucino, ground coffee and espresso but also goes onto TEA & HOT CHOCOLATE. We have a winner thought Ben and I did a bit of research.

One hour later, due to the wonders of late night shopping, it was in my house being unpacked. We'd bought all the varieties of T-DISC available. A few quick cleaning cycles and off we go.

Well, I've yet to have a real coffee conniseur try it, but she likes it and I can not only whip up a quick Suchard hot chocolate (which is nice but seems to have a strange chemical after-taste) but also make her a tea/coffee with almost no effort at all. The water resevoir is large, holding a litre of so of water which will make many a cup.

The main dissappointment is it makes cup size drinks, not mug size. In a large UK sized mug, this looks a bit pitiful. But 2 T-DISCS later and you're sorted. There is an option to manually add hot water to taste anyway so you can top up if you're happy to dilute a little.

The volume of drink is actually varied electronically. There's a barcode on each T-DISC instructs the machine how much water to use, what temperature etc. The tea seems to produce the most output which, once the milk is added, pretty much fills a mug. The capuccino, even with frothy milk, is only cup sized. Still, it's quick and easy and loads better than instant coffee.

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