Tesco Launches VoIP to 8.1million households

Thursday 19th January, 2006
As featured on the BBC, Tesco have launched a VoIP service to all broadband enabled UK homes.

Following hot on the heels of Gossiptel, Vonage, Sipgate and Skype, Tesco have become a very trusted name in the UK; initially for being the UK largest supermarket chain but now for the sale of white goods and other products in store and online.Tesco have teamed up with Australian's Freshtel to launch the service which will no doubt saves consumers money on phone calls.

Interestingly though, Tesco broadband customers are required to have a BT phone service in order to get Tesco broadband so this means that customer who use Tesco as an ISP will have 2 phone providers and 2 phone numbers. This could get a bit confusing.

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