Tesco offshores 400 IT jobs to India

Friday 7th January, 2005
As posted on The Register, it looks like more jobs leaving the UK and around the globe.

"The UK retailer has set up a subsidiary company to provide service and support, which already employs 190 people. Tesco says that by the end of 2005 its Indian operation will have 770 employees in total."

"The Times of India reports that 400 of the new jobs will be for software professionals. It also quotes Philip Clarke, director of IT and international operations at the company, as saying that these jobs will be "transitioned out of the UK".

So, another company has bitten the bullet and decided to reduce IT employment in the UK further. This time it's the largest supermarket chain Tesco. I've done all my Supermarket shopping at Tesco exclusively for about 8years now, mainly for convenience and in that time enjoyed competitive pricing and rewards from their "clubcard" loyalty scheme.

I also have Tesco Finest credit card, which I use to put through all my purchases in all retailers and also my holiday and business expenses. Quite a considerable amount goes through that account each year...probably in excess of £20k. That was until today...

If Tesco are prepared to abandon the UK in favour of a cheaper overseas workforce then I'm happy to abandon Tesco in favour of an employer who's prepared to invest better in the UK economy.

The likely benefactor here is Shell, whom I purchase my Optimax petrol from exclusively. Their visa card with pluspoints loyalty will offer me reward vouchers for fuel, high street stores and even allows me to donate to Tsunami disaster victims.

  1. 1) Colin Williams Said: (07/01/2005 22:06:32 GMT) Gravatar Image

    I'm much the same as you - hate the thought of good local jobs being outsourced overseas just to save a few bucks.

    As much as is possible, I buy locally made (New Zealand) and if I can't do that I tend to support Australia next then the UK - drives my girlfriend nuts!

    Good luck with their offshore software development eh!? Indian coders can churn out code at an astonishing rate - pitty they understand nothing of the business logic AND are typically spaghetti coders from hell!

  2. 2) Jerry Carter Said: (11/01/2005 17:34:29 GMT) Gravatar Image

    Preach it. Yes - capitalism is a lovely double edged sword that works when swung both directions. :-)= I hope more people do this - we're boycotting merchants here for similar reasons - hard to do in some cases when company A outsourcing is a supplier to company B - you have to just know what company B is selling from company A and avoid it... it takes homework and dedication, but economic forces must reign and if you screw your countrymen they rightly ought screw back.

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