Thank You Microsoft - NOT

Friday 15th October, 2004
Well, I'm not quite sure what I did to deserve it but XP SP2 decided to give me an update last night that required an update.

Apparently, without applying the patch I was at risk of somebody taking over my PC.

Well, after applying the patch there's certainly no risk of that!!!! I can't even use the damn thing myself. All the login profiles are knackered with an explorer.exe error during login:

explorer.exe - entry point not found

the procedure entry point AssetGetPerceivedType could not be located in the dynamic link library SHLWAPI.dll

Anybody got any ideas? I'll be searching for help today to try and fix it as I really don't fancy rebuilding the OS...again.

If you find this page looking for a solution to the problem yourself, please click through to the comments section and say hi.

UPDATE - For anybody that should suffer this problem, don't waste your time looking for a fix...get the CD out and reinstall in a new folder.

I found many similar issues online but the fix didn't work in this instance. I finally got rid of the problem by copying the files over from another machine. This then game me a "product activation" error that was unfixable even on a licensed copy of XP.

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