That old git at HADSL

Thursday 27th July, 2006
If you're a frequent reader of Bill's blog, it would be quite easy to be mistaken that Bill was singlehandedly "The Man" when it comes to the HADSL FirM product.

Not True!

Mr. Roy Holder is the man that holds up the product for me. Quite excellent customer service with the enterprise level response I need in a product of such depth.

Thanks Roy (and Richard I believe) for sorting out those bugs typos that Bill leaves around to test us all ;O)

[There's a reason Roy doesn't get much chance to update his blog]

  1. 1) TheOldGit Said: (27/07/2006 20:39:42 GMT) Gravatar Image
    That old git at HADSL

    To be fair, I'm just performing the role of "Technical Support, Human Interface" for you as a client. Bill and Richard do the same for other clients.

    I still rely heavily on them both for information and help.

    Don't forget the saying "Three heads are better than one" ;-)

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