The End

Sunday 15th October, 2006
Whilst in the shower just a few moments ago, I began to wonder what I'm going to find time to write about next.

With my house move some 4 months ago, getting engaged and planning a wedding; I've suddenly come to the decision that life is too short. Whilst it used to be in some way entertaining to spout online about what I was doing in life, at work and which gadgets I like; it strikes me that I'm no longer getting the pleasure out of it that I once did.

Those who are closest to me don't read the blog and I can happily share my life and experiences with them over a drink, a meal or on the phone. The rest, well, I'm not sure I have the time or that  it really matters any more.

So, I'm off to get married, start a family and generally have a life. For those who want to catch up in pictures, the pages of will soon be redirected to my online photo album which will no doubt contain snapshots of my life as the future becomes my past. Who knows, with the time I save by not writing any more, I may just find some time to label the pictures.

Thanks for reading.


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