The end of the UG as we know it...

Tuesday 4th July, 2006
Well, as sad as it may be, I'm posting this to announce that I intend to close down the UK Lotus Notes User Group and all the activities run by myself.

This won't come as much of a surprise to any of the current members as I contacted them to express my concern with the apathy in the community a month or so ago. Thanks to all those who offered good feedback and supportive comments.

When I launched the group I received many a comment that I had my work ahead of me, which I was more than happy to take on...but unfortunately there was a lot less work than I expected. I started the UG as a place for UK Notes users to communicate and share best practice but it simply hasn't gained any momentum and feedback from members has been very little giving me very little help in generating a direction for the group.

Some members have been particularly helpful along the way. A special mention to Mike from Turtle who has been monumental in trying to get some activity going on our discussion forums, thanks Mike. Also thanks to all the vendors for there offers of sponsorship of events etc. It seems I had more sponsors than active members much of the time!

Our first meeting back in March was a great success and members were very enthusiastic (big thanks to Corinna @ Teamstudio for the sponsorship) but discussion coming out of that was very poor. People said they would do lots of stuff but it just hasn't turned out. I know everyone's very busy, including myself, but 4 months down the line is too slow in this industry for follow-up to be effective.

Maybe my whole strategy was wrong, I'm happily open to admit I've made some errors along the way but, for whatever reason, this whole thing is not the success I'd hoped it would be; it's been a great learning experience.

So, where does that leave the current members?

My plan is to ask Libby if they will create a forum section on the dedicated to the UK user group. This can continue any existing chat and host discussion for any future events people would like to make. If/when I get this area setup, I'll redirect this site to until the domain expires later this year.

UK users joining LotusUserGroup will be able to contribute to this forum section (and the others on LUG) and drive meets in there area if they are interested. I know I plan a "Geek Dinner" for the London/South East area at some point soon for those in my area for those who are up for it. Until then, I'll keep you informed of progress.

So, that's about it really. It's the end of the UG as we know it...and I feel fine.

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