The Great Vista Sweepstake

Thursday 5th January, 2006
OK, it's competition time.

Microsoft would have you believe that Windows Vista (the successor to Windows XP) will ship this year...2006. It's had half the guts ripped out of it (WinFS etc.) so it might just make it in time for IE7 to be it's main feature.

What we have here is a "guess the shipping date" competition!

In the comments below, post your guess of day and month you think it will ship. The person who guesses the closest will win a £50 donation to the registered charity of their choice. Yes...50 of the UK's finest quids.

So, bring on the guesses. No rules, except that the prize is split if 2 or more people get the right answer and the competition is void if it doesn't ship in 2006 ;O)

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